Saturday, May 21, 2011

Is Harold Camping Jr. Smarter Than Our Lord, Jesus Christ

     "But of that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels of heaven, but My Father only," Matt. 24:36.
     Everyone is talking about our Lord's 2nd coming, lets use this opportunity to spread the Gospel!  There is little doubt that Mr. Camping is an evil false teacher.  His condemnation has been considered for ages.  I doubt that he is smarter than a fifth grader, let alone the Creator of the universe, Jesus Christ.  Yet even in his apostasy we have opportunity.   It has been conjectured that predictions like Campings have been the undoing of the Gospel in regions of the world throughout history.  Particularly, the predictions by William Miller in the 1840's are said to have deadened the hearts of people in the northeast portion of the U.S. and awakening and revival have been next to impossible there since.  So, what do we do?
     1) Rebuke Harold Camping: we need to tell folks that Mr. Camping clearly violates the simple understanding of the Bible.  Matthew 24:36 could not be any clearer and Mr. Camping does not enjoy a closer relationship to the Father then His one and only Son.  Mr. Camping is a repeated false prophet, the world has not ended according to any of his predictions.  He is an evil man and Christ will deal with his apostasy in a most just and beneficient way.  We will not be mislead by this man for all eternity. 
     2)  Assure people that Jesus Christ is returning, but we have no inside information as to when.  Yes, justice is coming, evil will be dealt with and perfect, unprejudiced justice will reign for all eternity.  Do not spend a lot of time discussing world events, it should not be necessary.  Just share the word of God and that Jesus taught us, most significantly, that we must be ready.
     3)  Tell them how to be ready.  What must we do to get ready?  Well, nothing.  We cannot do a thing.  All of our deeds are like filthy rags.  We have all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God according to Romans and our sin deserves death.  Yet, Christ died for our sins, even while we were still sinners and we can be reconciled to the Father if we trust that Jesus died for our sins on the cross and if we repent of our sins and ask Him to be the Lord and Savior of our lives.  We have the glorious Gospel to share and now we have the perfect opportunity to do it. 
     4)  Once we have become a child of God's, now we have to watch and be ready.  Now we can understand the Bible because the Holy Spirit is enlightening our minds and our hearts are made of flesh so we can love our neighbors as Jesus told us to.  We can see the wickedness around us and not be engulfed in it and shine like a light in the darkness.  People should be attracted to His light and we can then share the Gospel with them and tell them of Christ's death for our sins and His imminent return to restore all things back to how they should be.
     God bless, learn, live and love the Gospel of our returning King!

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