Monday, October 31, 2011

What Does This Mean? Is God a Man of War?

"They sing the son of Moses, the servant of God..." Rev. 15:3a.

     Their is so much misinformation and bad doctrine out there regarding God and who He is.  While doing my regular Bible reading I read this verse in Revelation and then cross referenced it with the passage in Exodus 15.  Verse three is what really caught my attention, "The LORD is a man of war; The LORD is His name." 
     I thought that I would open this one up to discussion as I have not found much decent commentary the Song of Moses, verse three in particular.  But I would like to focus our attention on: How does this square with our modern notion that Jesus was some sort of meek, mild and mushy Savior who just wants everyone to spread love around?  And: Is this a reference to Christ, in the Song of Moses, as John Gill suggests and if so, what does this mean in the context of Revelation 15?
     I would appreciate your comments, remember, learn, live and love the glorious gospel of Christ!

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