Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Parable of the Lawless Judge

"Pilate said to Him, 'What is truth?'" John 18:39.

     There was a murderer who stood trial before the chief of judges.  During the case, it was proven that the murderer had continually lied.  He had lied before the murder, to lure his victim.  He had lied during the investigation and he changed his story, back and forth during the trial.  After all the testimony the chief judge deliberated and came back with his verdict.
     He quickly announced that the defense was incompetent and that the murderers alibi and story were not believable.  The family of the victim jumped for joy as their hearts yearned righteously for the justice soon to be delivered upon the evil doer.  As their feet hit the ground their faces fell even lower as they heard the chief judge announce, "Your alibi does not work, here is one that does though.  The chief judge explained the new alibi and told the murderer, "Be on your way."
     This is reminiscent of what happened to Jesus before Pilate.  The chief priests had no case against the Son of God.  What is more, Jesus' testimony was flawless.  Pilate admitted that he found no fault whatsoever in Jesus Christ.  The story ends the same.  Both corrupt judges freed a murderer and spit upon truth and the rule of law.
     Praise be to God, that what happened to Jesus was for our salvation.  His death brings our life as we surrender to Him, confessing we are sinners incapable of pleasing a Holy God apart from the atoning death of His perfect Son.  Truth was crucified by a corrupt judge, who feared the mob and despised God.  As Christians, in this dark day where the rule of law is a thing of the past, we must remember that truth is a man, the God man, Jesus Christ.  In Him we have no condemnation no matter what court or corrupt judge on this earth passes down.  The world is blinded today and truth, little t, is dead.  All praise to God that Truth, with a big T, rose from the grave on the 3rd day and he will one day judge those who passed down lawless decrees.
    God bless you and live, learn and love the gospel!

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